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Our subsidiary company Servicecom LLC being a licensed customs representative, is handling customs registrations.

Servicecom LLC is working throughout the Russian Federation and has offices in Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and Novorossiysk.  

We are ready to offer our clients the following services:

1.    Preliminary analysis of documents needed for customs clearance paperwork and elaboration of technical documentation.

2.    Determining commodity codes in accordance with the EEU legislation and clarifications. Defending position on commodity codes in Customs Authorities.

3.    Preparation of documents for customs clearance paperwork.

4.    Consult on enabling documentation based on technical regulation. Coordination with certification bodies.

5.    Registration of companies in Customs Authorities.

6.    Processing and filing customs bill of entry to Customs Authorities, supporting of the documents proceedings on customs checkpoint.

7.    Help in passing custom, sanitary and quarantine, veterinary, phytosanitary and related control.

8.    Processing statistical data forms (for goods transported throughout the Customs Union).

9.    Confirmation of the physical leaving (for export).

10.  Legal assistance in court (on Customs Questions).

Head office
Saint-Petersburg, Marshala Govorova str., 43
Office in Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg, 8 Marta str., 13, off. 509
Office in Novorossiysk
Novorossiysk, Svobody str, 1, off. 1106

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